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Reliable Floor Refinishing in Dallas, TX

North Texas Wood Floors has been providing Dallas, TX with professional wood floor services for over 15 years. Contact us for a free flooring consultation today!

Professional Wood Floor Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment for your home. They add an air of elegance that is unmatched by other surfaces, and when taken care of properly they will last for years. However, if the surface of your hardwood becomes scratched, then North Texas Wood Floor is here to help.

We offer floor refinishing in Dallas, TX, to breathe new life into your hardwood. With this service, your surfaces will look as good as they did when they were first installed. Resurfacing also prolongs the life of the flooring and can even allow the flooring to last a century. This is the reason that hardwood is still the premier choice of flooring for any room in your home.

Full-Service Flooring Contractor 

Whether you need your floors resurfaced or you are looking for a whole new installation, we are the company to call. We are hardwood flooring experts, and our team is equipped to handle any flooring job. 

For new flooring installations, we place the hardwood carefully, ensuring that your new surface looks great and that you are satisfied with the results. After the flooring is placed, we will give you the finish you want from glossy to hand scraped. No matter which option you choose, we guarantee that it will look great and last.

Custom Designed Floors 

When you choose our team, you are getting flooring that has been custom designed for your home. With the number of species and staining options available, your home’s new look will be unique. Our solid wood flooring is the perfect option to match any décor and when installed by our team, it will look excellent in every room.

Additionally, choosing hardwood for your flooring option increases the value of your home. This added value is will increase your home’s appeal if you should ever decide to place your home on the market.

Contact us when you need hardwood floor resurfacing or installation in your home. We proudly serve Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.